2017-18 Youth2Youth Board

Youth 2 Youth

Youth 2 Youth (Y2Y) is the youth branch of Better Brodhead. Y2Y members promote prevention awareness and peer-led activities in the school, supported by adult advisors.

What is Youth 2 Youth?

Peers helping peers

A Youth 2 Youth group (Y2Y) was established at the Brodhead High School during the 2016-17 school year. This group has grown from 23 youth members actively involved in meetings to 50+ students engaged in prevention awareness through social norming campaigns, information distribution at event tables, posters, and flush facts.

Y2Y now has its own board of officers that assist with overseeing the tasks of the growing membership. The Y2Y group has increased Better Brodhead’s capacity by significantly increasing youth involvement in the coalition.

Y2Y’s peer-led approach reaching out to other students using positive social norming messages emphasizing that the majority of students are not using alcohol or other drugs.

Better Brodhead’s Y2Y has been recognized nationally by CADCA and by WI DOJ for their Respect Your Selfie campaign.